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Blackjack is the most popular, most often-played casino card game ever dealt. Perhaps because it’s an easy game to learn and play, and most definitely because it’s fast paced and exciting, blackjack stirs the blood of gamblers in casinos throughout the world – and online.

We’re happy to have you visit the premier site for all the information you’ll ever need regarding safe, secure and legal online casino gaming, for players in the U.S. and around the world. You’ll find everything you need to know to enhance your online gambling enjoyment right here.

Is it legal to play Blackjack For Money?

While twenty-three states offer legalized casino-style gambling, very few have legal options for playing casino games like blackjack on the web. Fear not, for it is indeed legal for U.S. players to engage in this popular pastime. There are a wide variety of sites offering blackjack, and other popular casino games, which are not based in the United States. As a result, these sites are not subject to federal regulation.

U.S. laws passed to regulate or restrict online gambling have been directed, for the most part, at banks and financial institutions, not at individuals. We will explore the impact of these laws further as the important discussion of legal issues continues. But not now – let’s have some fun. Learn More

Is It Legal To Play Blackjack For Free?

Many sites offer the opportunity to play blackjack for free, and of course it is perfectly legal to do so. In fact, there are onshore sites that offer free versions of blackjack and other games to U.S. citizens. We highly recommend that, if you’re relatively new to the online world of blackjack competition, you take advantage of these opportunities. It’s a great way to hone your skills and master the nuances of this strategy-oriented card game.

While most online casinos require a software download to play, for free or for money, some offer the free version of the game without the download. There are some popular sites that are entirely browser based, which appeals to some players who consider downloads as a potential security threat. You can make your decisions after checking out a few of the more popular sites, and check back to for the most recent updates.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Legal online blackjack

1. I don’t know much about blackjack. Will playing online help me?

The internet is the best place to learn the basics – and as we mentioned earlier, you can do that at many sites without risking any money – and we highly recommend that approach. Many sites will give you a pop-up that says, “Would you like to play for free?” Do it – you’ll have fun, and learn the game.

2. Do any of the sites offer tournaments, and Other Cool Blackjack Promos?

Whoa, sounds like we have a player. Yes, many sites offer tournaments. The strategy is different, and playing against everyone at the table, including the house, requires patience and attention.

3. How do online blackjack sites protect my privacy?

Very important - most quality sites use sophisticated firewall and encryption processes which make it highly unlikely that anyone can access your information. But always be alert and attentive to your accounts - that's just good advice no matter what you're talking about.

4. Can I play on my smart phone or Ipad?

Many of the more popular sites have programs which allow you to access your account and all the games, including blackjack, via your Iphone, Android or tablet. Check with customer service at the online casino you've selected for details.

5. What if I have a problem with my account or a question about a game?

All of the best sites tout their customer service, for they realize that good service keeps people coming back. Most are staffed, online and on the phone, toll-free, 24 hours a day.

More about the legality of Playing Blackjack Online

For decades, Congress and various state legislatures fashioned statutes relating to gambling – primarily to fight the threat of “organized crime”. The Wire Act of 1961 prohibits funds or information regarding anything related to gambling to be transferred within the U.S. via telegraph or phone. Courts have ruled it applies only to sports betting. The most recent effort to curb online gambling was also focused exclusively on sports – the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which carries no enforcement for individual players, especially in non-sports related games like blackjack.

Subsequent to the advent of the popularity of internet gaming, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed in 1992. Most online gamers, and all lawyers and policy makers, understand the ramifications of this law. It was designed to restrict U.S. banks from accepting or facilitating the transfer of funds related to internet gambling proceeds or profits. That’s it. It doesn’t regulate players at all.

So go ahead and enjoy yourself – you can play legally at many sites not based in the U.S. But watch for future updates. Even those remaining restrictions could fall soon.

Best Legal Online Blackjack Websites

As indicated, there are a wide variety of choices available to the American gaming enthusiast looking online for a place to legally place a bet. We try to stay on top of it all, considering the things that our readers find important. Is the site easily accessible? Is privacy protected? Are the games fun and fair? Does the site demonstrate quality customer service? And of course, is it legal for U.S. citizens and others?

The sites we’re reviewing today answer these questions in a resoundingly positive fashion – fun, fast, safe and legal, each of these online casino sites will provide an exciting venue for blackjack aficionados.

Lucky Red Casino

We always like to see a Customer Service and Support number right at the top of the page. That’s what you’ll find at Lucky Red Online Casino. This site prides itself on service, but it’s no slouch where quality games are concerned. The choices are expansive for players in the U.S., who can legally join in when the fever strikes.

Blackjack players will enjoy their visit to Lucky Red for several reasons. First and foremost is the Real Time Gaming software – RTG is recognized as the industry leader, and its applications at Lucky Red really create the excitement often experienced by players at the brick and mortar casinos. One benefit you’ll get online from Lucky Red that you generally won’t find in a hands-on casino environment is bonus money that makes your account worth much more than your deposits. Lucky Red Casino will match your first deposit, dollar for dollar, up to $1,000.00. You don’t need to be a math whiz to figure that’s basically a free $1,000.00. You do, however, need to be a blackjack player to collect it, and you need to know the bonus code LUCKYRED100.

Setting up your account is simple at Lucky Red, with several choices available for players in the U.S. Lucky Red also offers a variety of legal methods to get your money when it’s time to cash out.

Bovada Casino

Blackjack players almost anywhere in the U.S. can count on the site generally considered one of the top online destinations for gamers – Bovada. We say “almost” because, being headquartered in Canada and having restrictive trade agreements with several U.S. states, players in Washington state, Maryland and new players in New York (some were grandfathered in) must seek other sites.

Those U.S. citizens living in the other 47 states have no problems, but are destined for a lot of fun. When you sign up at Bovada, an account gives you the opportunity to play instantly, and for free – before you even set up an account. It’s a great way to get a feel for the game and the site, and it will also serve to get you motivated to open your account. That requires a simple download of the state of the art RTG software and answering a few basic questions – and you’re sitting at the table with money on the line.

The Bovada bonus plan is one of the most generous found online. Blackjack players who make four deposits up to $250.00 each will see a return on that deposit of $1,000.00 – that’s a pretty respectable one hundred percent match. Collect by punching in the bonus code GAMES250. Keep on playing, and you’ll get a chance to take advantage of Bovada’s many weekly promotions on casino games like blackjack. For safe, legal online blackjack, Bovada ranks with the best.

Winpalace Casino

Anyone looking to play legal blackjack online will definitely find a certain appeal at WinPalace, for many very good reasons. First, this casino opens its virtual arms to players from anywhere in the U.S., so it’s safe to assume they’ve done their legal homework, and you’re going to enjoy a legal, safe casino experience. Further, WinPalace has many deposit and payout methods that work great for American players. To say this casino is “friendly” to blackjack enthusiasts from the U.S. is surely an understatement.

Yeah, it’s about blackjack, and WinPalace Casino powers the world’s favorite casino game with one of the world’s leading software offerings. Specifically designed to appeal to players in the U.S. the RTG package is available in several variations, and you can opt to play most or all of them for free at WinPalace just by setting up your account. While it is a “you v. the dealer” set up, you can opt to play multiple hands at stakes friendly for any budget.

Speaking of your budget, you can’t overlook the value found in the bonus for blackjack offered by WinPalace. Using the bonus code WINBJ allows American players to earn as much as $500.00 per deposit, by way of doubling the amount of the first ten deposits individually. With low minimums to qualify, this bonus can be worth as much as $5,000.00 in total freeplay.

High Noon Casino

If you’re looking for a legal, secure place to indulge in some online blackjack, and you appreciate a “site in motion”, look no further than High Noon Casino. As you might suspect, the Old West theme is apparent when you log on, and thus card games like blackjack are a favorite. But since High Noon is based not in Tombstone, but in the United Kingdom, players all over the U.S. are welcome to join the fun, legally and safely.

Like many of the top sites, High Noon Casino utilizes the RTG software to create a wide array of enjoyable games wrapped in tremendous, often humorous moving graphics and bright, eye-catching color. Instant play, a free version of the popular casino games, is available at the touch of a button for first time visitors, but a log-in set-up is required.

Since you have to log in to play free, you might as well get your “play for real” set-up accomplished, and that’s also an easy process. Once you do that, you can enjoy the benefit of High Noon’s blackjack bonus, which will pay you a 100% return on a deposit of $500.00, using the bonus code HIGHNOON100.

Loco Panda Casino

Every time you log on to Loco Panda, you will smile – that’s a guarantee. While you watch the “Welcome Bonus” numbers roll next to the scantily-clad blonde winking at you, you’ll get a prompt asking if you’d like to “sample the goods”, so to speak, with a free play while browsing the site. Go ahead, indulge. Loco Panda is nothing if it’s not fun. Oh, and by the way, it’s also legal, for everyone in the U.S.

When you play Blackjack at Loco Panda, it is straight up and simple – you versus the house. But you win before you start with some of the most generous bonuses found on a web-based casino site. Using the bonus code LOCOTABLES, you can cash in, and cash out, to the tune of 150% of your deposits up to $3,000.00.

Loco Panda uses the famed RTG software package for its play-for-play games. A secure download at Loco Panda gives you almost immediate access to one of the biggest casino libraries on the web – all legal, all secure, and most importantly, all a blast to play. Loco Panda is cool – simple as that.

BetOnline Casino

At BetOnline Casino, players from the U.S. looking for legal, online blackjack action at a higher level will never be disappointed. Unlike many internet-based sites, BetOnline offers a full array of blackjack options that include match play and tournaments, so not only can you play one-on-one against the house, but you can enjoy more competitive matches against the other players at the table.

Since blackjack at BetOnline is a more serious, and more exciting, endeavor than that offered at other virtual casinos, it’s a good idea to know what you’re doing. BetOnline gives you the opportunity to get the “feel” by providing a free version of everything they do. To enjoy that little extra, you’ll need to download the famed RTG software that powers these blackjack tables to new heights. Once you’ve got it down, it’s just a few more steps and inputs until you play online blackjack for money at BetOnline.

BetOnline pays bonuses in a variety of ways and offers promotions on a weekly basis, but blackjack lovers can always count on a 50% house-paid bonus on the first $125.00 deposit. Players can also count on an efficient, well-run online operation. But keep in mind that BetOnline is very selective, and thus more restrictive, than some sites. All U.S. citizens can legally play at BetOnline and their casino accepts debit cards, Visa, Mastercard and American Express plus a few other methods.

All Legal Blackjack Sites New Player Bonus Live Dealer Blackjack? Play "21"
Lucky Red Casino 100% to $1K for Blackjack No Live Dealer Games Yet GO PLAY
Bovada Casino 100% to $250 for Blackjack No Live Dealer Games Yet GO PLAY
WinPalace Casino 100% to $500 for Blackjack No Live Dealer Games Yet GO PLAY
Club World Casino 100% to $150 for Blackjack No Live Dealer Games Yet GO PLAY
BetOnline Casino 25% to $3K for Blackjack Yes - $25 Free Bet Promo GO PLAY
High Noon Casino 100% to $500 for Blackjack No Live Dealer Games Yet GO PLAY
Aladdin's Gold Casino 100% to $1K for Blackjack No Live Dealer Games Yet GO PLAY 100% to $500 for Blackjack No Live Dealer Games Yet GO PLAY
Loco Panda Casino 150% to $1,500 for Blackjack No Live Dealer Games Yet GO PLAY
5Dimes Casino 50% to $125 for Blackjack Yes - Attractive Dealers GO PLAY

Getting started - The Sign Up + Registration Process

Once you’ve played blackjack, you’ll want to play again, and getting started online is, in almost all cases, a simple and easy process. First, find a site, similar to those we’ve discussed, that is safe and legal. Then look for a prompt like “Getting Started” or “Start Playing”. You’ll find it, and when you do, you’ll be offered a chance to set-up your online account or, in some cases, playing the game for free, which we’ll discuss momentarily.

Fill out some basic information, similar to that you’ve provided for any number of online accounts you’ve established to purchase items or pay bills like insurance, utilities, etc.

Verify your identity, provide the answer to a security question or two ( you remember, right?), and you’ll be comparing cards with your virtual dealer in no time.

Stay Safe With + Check Back For More Casinos!

If you’re playing internet-based blackjack at a site not subject to U.S. federal legislation, and you probably are, you are playing safely and legally, provided you meet the age requirements, which all nations enforce. In most cases, players must be eighteen or older, although some sites operate under laws which require players to be a minimum of twenty-one years of age.

We mentioned that there are several activities bubbling on the horizon that we think could drastically change which legal gambling sites are available in the future. States like New Jersey, Delaware, California each have movements afoot to open the virtual doors in their states to U.S. players, and in some cases, primarily in Nevada and New Jersey, you can play legally from a location within state borders. But those restrictions may melt away if state legislators can convince federal lawmakers that the tax revenue to be attained is worth doing away with arcane outdated laws.

In the meantime, continue to enjoy the legal, safe blackjack experiences already available, and watch for more stories and updates regarding the vibrant world of legal online blackjack in the U.S.