What is Single Deck or Pitch Deck Blackjack?

Single deck blackjack is when only one deck of cards is used. Pitch deck blackjack uses more than one deck and the dealer instead of using a shoe, deals the cards out by hand. In a pitch blackjack game, no more than two decks will be used in the game.

Advantages of a Pitch Deck

One advantage of using a pitch deck is that the multiple card decks that are used can prevent players from gaining an advantage from counting cards. Although multi-deck tables do a better job of preventing card counting the two decks in pitch blackjack make it easier for players to come out with a win as well. This advantage levels the playing field for all players and makes it a fair game for all parties involved.

Disadvantages of a Pitch Deck

A disadvantage of using a pitch deck that pitch blackjack table minimums can sometimes seem to have higher minimums because more than likely card counting will happen at a pitch deck blackjack table. No shoe is used and since the cards are dealt by hand there is always a chance that a card gets overturned accidentally and shows other players a card in hand.

Should I Play SingleDeck or a Blackjack Shoe?

Single deck is one of the most traditional ways to play legal blackjack and just about every casino will have a traditional blackjack table. Therefore, if looking for a consistent approach to playing blackjack single deck is the way to go. However, a blackjack shoe will help in preventing any cheating as it makes sure players won’t be able to see the last card in the deck. This ensures a safe gambling environment for all players and is why playing at tables with a blackjack shoe is preferred.

Can I Win at Single Deck Blackjack?

SingleDeckYou can win at single deck blackjack it just takes some luck and skill to position yourself in the best possible position to win. However, no player has ever won a single deck blackjack without playing the game so head over to an online casino to start playing today!