What is a Push in Blackjack?

A push in legal blackjack is a tie between a player and the dealer. When this occurs neither the dealer or the player wins and the player is given back all of their bets for the round as they haven’t won anything but they haven’t lost either.

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Online BlackjackBovada has held down the title of best online blackjack site for over a decade and it isn’t hard to see why. They have a platform that is one of the most accessible in the industry from either your phone or computer. They run several bonuses for both new and existing users to enhance their online blackjack experience even more. You’ll also never have to wait to play with plenty of available seats at any time of the day.

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Online BlackjackWith Slots.LV, they make sure to payout your online blackjack winnings as soon as you want it. It could come after winning a hand or if you push with the dealer. If you do push though, your original funds will be credited back to you immediately where you can use them to place another bet. That goes for any of the blackjack games that you come across on their site.

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Online BlackjackBlackjack is one of the most popular games to play on Ignition and you’ll see that they have arguably the best blackjack interface of any other legal online casino. They are constantly updating their interface to give you the best possible layout for an easy way to find their blackjack games. Once you find them, you’ll be met with over 35 different games whether they’re live dealer or digital games.

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Cafe Casino:

Online Blackjack If you ever push playing blackjack at Café Casino, you’ll know right away similar to how you find out if you win or lose the hand. From there, you can continue playing as you were like normal. Aside from the gameplay, the bonuses that they offer are great and new users could earn up to $2,500 just for signing up and making a deposit into their account.

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What do I do after a push in blackjack?

Double DownAfter pushing in blackjack the player who tied with the dealer is given back all of their bets placed in that round. After receiving your bets back the player has the choice of staying and playing another round or leaving with whatever winnings are left. Either way, after a push, ensure that you get back your full amount of bets placed for all live dealer blackjack.

Can I Push On 21 In Blackjack?

Yes, if both the dealer and the player have a natural blackjack, a push will be the result. You will not lose your bet and the dealer will not pay you out for getting blackjack. This, along with other blackjack dealer rules are important to know before placing your bets.

Can I Push In Blackjack On Insurance?

If the dealer shows an ace, you will have the option to take insurance on your bet. If you both end up having blackjack, the bet results in a push and you will get your money back. Taking insurance in blackjack can help you stay in the game longer and is one of the many blackjack strategies you will come across.