How To Play Legal Blackjack In Kentucky

Legal blackjack can be played in Kentucky through online casinos as there are no KY casinos that offer blackjack tables. Have no fear though as these are some of the top online casinos in Kentucky and in the industry overall and have been allowing Kentucky residents to play legal blackjack for over 10 years. On this page, you’ll learn about everything that these legal blackjack sites in Kentucky are all about.

Is Online BJ Legal In Kentucky

Without a doubt, online blackjack is legal in Kentucky and you shouldn’t hesitate at all before playing at one of the online casinos. There is nothing in any Kentucky State laws or any federal laws that prohibit the use of any online blackjack sites or online casinos that offer blackjack. Kentucky blackjack players have been turning to these online casinos for several years to fulfill their blackjack needs without ever getting in any sort of trouble.

Best Blackjack Sites For Kentucky Residents

Some of the best online blackjack sites in Kentucky are industry leaders and have been for some time based on what they each have to offer. You get the feel of an in person casino with its live dealer games, massive blackjack bonuses just for signing up and making your first deposit, and playing on your phone.


Bovada Blackjack Review:

Online BlackjackWith Bovada, you’ll never have to worry about blackjack payouts or table limits changing on you from one hand to the next. You’ll be able to choose your table limits from as low as a $5 table and as high as a $10,000 table. Payouts on blackjack plays a big role here as well as you’ll always be awarded with a 3 to 2 payout rather than 6 to 5 meaning you get $3 for every $2 you bet rather than $6 for every $5 you bet.

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Ignition Casino Blackjack Review:

Online BlackjackYou’ll get the most out of your first deposit when looking to play blackjack on Ignition. That’s because new users could get $3,000 extra as a part of their two-part bonus where $1,500 of it goes towards casino games including blackjack while the rest goes towards poker. Playing blackjack also helps you get rid of your rollover requirement by 20% each time you play.

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Slots LV Blackjack Review:

Online BlackjackThe main convenience of using Slots.LV for playing blackjack is that you can play right on your phone from absolutely anywhere with the help of their mobile platforms that are compatible with any smartphone that has an internet browser. Smartphones such as iPhone, Android, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy all work with Slots.LV where you won't even need to download an app. You just log in from your web browser and log in like you would from any computer or tablet.

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Can I Find Blackjack At Casinos In Kentucky

Unfortunately, under the state-regulated casinos laws, you will not be able to find any table games including blackjack at either of the two casinos in Kentucky. That said, the only way that you’ll be able to play blackjack in Kentucky is through one of the legal online casinos that have tons of blackjack games for you to choose from without having to leave the state or even your own home.

Benefits Of Playing Online Blackjack In Kentucky

The main benefit of legal Kentucky blackjack is being able to play as there are no in person options to choose from. However, these online blackjack games are some of the best games that you’ll find even if you were to travel to an in person casino that has blackjack. That comes as they offer the best payouts at 3 to 2 rather than 6 to 5, you can use bonus funds awarded to you by the casino to play blackjack, and you’ll always be welcomed with an open seat and play with a live dealer and real players at your table.

Final Thoughts On Legal Kentucky Blackjack

To play legal blackjack in Kentucky, you can only do so online which is very convenient and beneficial. You’ll be able to play whenever you want and without any hesitation with these legal blackjack sites completely acceptable. You can play from your phone and with crypto as well. Overall, these sites know how to give you a great experience.