How To Play Legal Blackjack In Georgia

There are two ways to play legal Georgia blackjack. The first and most popular way to play blackjack in Georgia is through online casinos like Bovada and Slots LV. The second and much less practical option for many is to hop aboard one of the two cruise casinos that doc in Georgia. That method of legal blackjack in Georgia will be mentioned on this page, but the cost and time-effective nature of the online Georgia blackjack sites will have them receive the majority of the attention. Specifically, the best blackjack sites that accept Georgia residents will be reviewed below with the features that make them stand out highlighted.

Best Blackjack Sites For Georgia Residents

Rank Casino Highlights Rating Visit Site
1 Bovada 100% Up To $3,000 5 Star Rating Visit Bovada
2 200% Up To $3,000 5 Star Rating Visit
3 Ignition 100% Up To $1,000 5 Star Rating Visit Ignition
4 Cafe Casino 250% Up To $1,500 5 Star Rating Visit Cafe Casino


Bovada Blackjack Review: Best Georgia Blackjack Site

Online BlackjackThere are two things that are certain among blackjack players in Georgia: always hit on 16 and Bovada is the best blackjack site for Peach State players. Bovada has established that reputation as Georgia’s best online blackjack site through its high-level games, bonuses, and mobile compatibility features. Each of those features that make Bovada the best site for blackjack in GA has been established since Sonny Perdue was governor, Todd Gurley was still playing for the ‘Dawgs, and the Atlanta Aquarium was still regarded as the largest aquarium in the world. With Bovada’s elite history and leading blackjack expertise, there is no other GA blackjack experience that can compare.

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Slots LV Blackjack Review: Live Dealer Blackjack Site For Georgians

Online BlackjackDespite the name implying a specialty in a different casino category, Slots LV has grown into one of the premier live dealer blackjack sites in Georgia because of the table limits that work for beginners and high-limit players. Those wide table limits at Slots LV for live dealer games ($5 to $5,000) allow beginners to practice and eventually turn into experts all at one table. Slots LV accepts Georgia residents from all counties, with players encouraged to bet with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin to receive the largest possible blackjack bonus at Slots LV.

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Ignition Casino Blackjack Review: Blackjack Casino In Georgia With The Most Games

Online BlackjackWith eight automated blackjack games and 24/7 live blackjack tables offered, Ignition Casino has become the bj casino site in Georgia that is known best for variety. Whether it is standard blackjack, single deck, double deck, European, or even zappit blackjack, Ignition Casino truly has it all. To experience those games, Ignition also offers one of the best blackjack bonuses in Georgia. Georgians are eligible to receive up to $1,500 dedicated specifically to blackjack at Ignition, with deposits matched at a 150% rate.

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Is Online BJ Legal In Georgia?

Yes, online blackjack in Georgia is legal. Online casinos for legal blackjack in GA are all based internationally and allowed in the United States based on their statuses as foreign businesses. That means that blackjack sites that are based in Georgia are unregulated, but international businesses like Bovada and Slots LV are legal blackjack sites. There are many different sites that offer legal blackjack in Georgia under this international site, reviewed as the best sites for legal blackjack in Georgia.

How To Sign Up For Legal Georgia Blackjack Sites

  • Visit Bovada,, Ignition, or other blackjack sites
  • Click the Join Now button
  • Fill out personal information (name, email, DOB, Zip code)
  • Verify your account and head to the banking page

What Deposit Methods Are Accepted At Online GA Casinos?

Once signed up for an online blackjack casino in Georgia, there are many available payment options. From our extensive experience, the best blackjack deposit methods are Bitcoin and PayPal but credit cards, bank transfers, and other cryptos are available as well. For anyone who wants to use PayPal, Venmo, or other payment apps, Georgia casinos use a service called MatchPay to accept these payment types. To make the deposit process as easy as possible, check out the steps below:

How To Make Crypto Blackjack Deposits

  • Sign up at Bovada and go to the banking page
  • Select Bitcoin and insert your deposit amount
  • Copy the personalized BTC address that appears
  • Sign up for a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase
  • Purchase Bitcoin with PayPal, bank transfers, or card
  • Request a BTC transfer and paste your Bovada wallet address

How To Make MatchPay Blackjack Deposits

  • Create a Bovada account and a MatchPay account
  • Use MatchPay to find a player looking to withdraw
  • Use PayPal or other app to pay that player for their credits
  • Notify Bovada of the requested transaction
  • Wait for Bovada to transfer their funds to your account
  • Bovada should not take longer than 24 hours to transfer

How To Make Credit Card Blackjack Deposits

Making credit card blackjack deposits is extremely easy but may not be the best option for all Georgia players. Not all local banks/credit unions in Georgia allow international transactions, meaning deposits to our recommended casinos may not go through. If you use credit unions like CGR or Credit Union of Atlanta, we would suggest using PayPal, Bitcoin, or one of the other accepted deposit options. There is never any harm in trying to use your credit card to deposit. In order to do so, simply select the Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or Amex option and type in your credit card information.

Can I Play Blackjack In-Person In Georgia?

Technically speaking, there are no blackjack tables in Georgia, but there are two types of alternatives. First, there are the Georgia blackjack sites on this page that double as mobile blackjack tables as well. Secondly, there are two cruise ships that travel out to international waters daily to allow Georgians to play blackjack. The cruise lines, named the Diamond Casino and the Emerald Princess Casino Cruises, go out from Savannah and Brunswick multiple times per week for a few hours. Those two blackjack casino cruises that are based in Georgia are the only way for GA residents to play in-person blackjack, and they are only legal because they travel to international waters.

Closest Blackjack Casinos To Atlanta

When it comes to Florida blackjack casinos, the Hard Rock in Tampa is the closest to Atlanta at about a six-and-a-half-hour drive. One of The closest blackjack casinos to Atlanta players is in Murphy, North Carolina, however. Harrah’s Cherokee has over 160 table games and it takes less than two hours and thirty minutes to drive from Atlanta. There are a few Alabama casinos nearby but these gambling operations only offer slot machines and have no blackjack tables in sight.

Closest Blackjack Casinos To Columbus

Victory Land Casino off of I-85 is only an hour away from Columbus but this Alabama casino does not have blackjack or any other table games. In order to play in-person blackjack, Columbus residents will have to drive slightly farther. One of the closest blackjack casinos to Columbus is Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River in North Carolina. It takes about four hours to get from Columbus to Harrah’s and the land-based casino makes the trip well worth it with 160 table games available.

Closest Blackjack Casinos To Augusta

Catawba Two Kings Casino in North Carolina is one of the closest blackjack casinos to residents of Augusta, Georgia. On a normal day, it takes a little less than three hours to drive to Two Kings from Augusta, making it a reasonable day trip. If you wanted to check out either of the Harrah’s Cherokee locations for more North Carolina blackjack options, it would be about a four-hour drive. For non-Augusta locals, it is important to note that Julian Smith Casino in Augusta, GA is not a gambling establishment by any means. It is simply a recreation and parks center that is named after the former mayor of Augusta.

Bovada Casino Blackjack

Benefits Of Playing Online Blackjack In Georgia

Online blackjack in Georgia has obvious benefits for people that don’t want to leave the comfort of their own homes or get seasick easily (see section above), but there are many technically-based reasons as well. Some of the advantages that Georgians can get when playing at online blackjack sites include:

Blackjack Variations: The blackjack sites that take Georgia residents are all world-renowned casinos that offer practically every conceivable version of the popular table game. The blackjack casino boats in Georgia cannot compete with the variations of bj offered at online casinos.

Blackjack Table Payouts: Every single blackjack site that has been highlighted on this page offers 3:2 payouts. With 25% larger payouts than that of lesser 6:5 blackjack casinos, it is no contest as to why residents of Georgia pick Bovada, Slots LV, or Ignition.

Live Dealer Blackjack: Online blackjack sites for Georgia players offer all residents the opportunity to play a real dealer without ever leaving their house through their live dealer sections. These live dealer sections are available 24/7 at the best blackjack sites in GA, with leading bj sites like Bovada offering many different customizable options for players within their live dealer blackjack sections.

Final Thoughts On Legal Georgia Blackjack

Legal blackjack in Georgia is available through two widely different options: casino cruises and online blackjack sites. Casino cruises have their own benefits like scenery and atmosphere, but the rigid schedule, limited options, and touristy nature leave them significantly behind the best Georgia blackjack sites. Those legal blackjack offer better blackjack bonuses, games, and schedules than any cruise could, without ever even having to leave the Georgia border.