What Is Doubling Down In Blackjack?

Doubling down in blackjack is when a player, after being dealt his first to cards, decides to double on that total. Once you double down, you eliminate your ability to hit or stay for the rest of your turn. Doubling down is a risky strategy but can be a big win if implemented correctly. The process doubles your sum, so be sure to know how close you are to passing 21 after your initial double down.

What Cards Are you Allowed To Double Down On?

Double DownYou are only allowed to double down on your initial two cards. The first two cards you are dealt are the only cards you can double down on. This is important to note as if you do not use the double down at the start of the round, then you will lose that option until the dealers go is over. Double down at the start or miss out for the round.

When To Double Down In Blackjack?

The best time to double down is when your initial count is either nine, 10, or 11 after being dealt your first two cards. Doubling down will automatically give you 20. That means the dealer will have to hit 21 in order to beat you. The odds of the dealer hitting 21 are just as low as the players therefore that is the best time to implement doubling down.

Doubling Down On 10 or 11 In Blackjack

In almost every situation you should double down on 10 and 11. Doubling down on 10 gives you 20 and doubling down on 11 gives you blackjack so long as the dealer does not hit jackpot. If your dealers shown card is a 10, then that is the only time it is not recommended to double down on 10. You should always double down on 11.

What Other Cards Should I Double Down On In 21?

Doubling down on 9 is also good practice. You will double to 18 which is a strong number to contend with. you may even feel lucky to hit on 18 and hope for a four or five. You can also double down on some lower cards like seven or eight but it is not recommended. The sweet spot is nine, 10 and 11 when it comes to doubling down.

When Should Not Double Down?

When playing legal blackjack, never double down on anything higher than 11 because you will automatically bust. Also, it is not recommended to double down with low cards. Also, if your dealers shown card is either a 10, ace or a face card, it is wise to not double down. If you double down on 10 for example, and your dealers shown card is a 10, it is possible they can hit 21 and you would have lowered your chance of hitting blackjack because you are already set at 20 and don’t want to risk a bust.