What Is Third Base In Blackjack?

Like baseball, third base determines the position right before home, or in this case the dealer. This is the final hand being dealt in the round and is a role where many players wish to use in blackjack strategy. There isn’t an overwhelming benefit to being third base over any other position. But in many cases, players can use the third base as a way to get an upper hand in the round.

Should I Play Third Base At The Blackjack Table?

Third BaseThat is entirely up to the player. Playing third base will allow you to make a decision to either hit or stay based on all the cards that have been dealt thus far. If you are a player who counts cards or who likes to make quick decisions, then you should sit at the third base position. If you, however, are a player who doesn’t do any of these things, then there is no inherent benefit. The game is still a game of chance therefore nowhere you sit will give that much of an advantage.

Advantages Of Third Base In Blackjack

For starters, players who sit at the third base will have the luxury of knowing what all other cards are that have been played beside the dealers. They also have the most time to make a decision. Players who sit at the third base really benefit as no other player can see all the cards before the dealer. This is the primary reason why some players chose third base.

Disadvantages Of Third Base In Blackjack

Since you go last, you have fewer cards to work with. The other players have first dibs on the best cards as they are dealt with everything first. If you see that other players hit aces it already have jackpot, your odds of hitting have dropped. You can lose before even getting a chance to hit or stay. It is all a game of chance and in the end, and no seat has a clear advantage over another.

Does Third Base Hurt or Help Players In Blackjack

It depends. It really boils down to the luck of the draw for each player. There is no clear advantage or disadvantage for either seat as things go based on a round by round basis. If other player hands haven’t hit blackjack, then you are in a good position to get good cards. If they already hit blackjack after, then you will struggle to get good cards drawn.

Third Base Betting Strategies For Blackjack

If the dealer has an ace as the exposed card and no one else has hit jackpot until you, then you may want to take even money on the round. Also, if you are a player who counts cards, then that is the prime spot you want to be in as you can determine based on everyone’s draw what moves you want to make. The role of the third base is essentially the last line before the dealer. So if you are in that spot, there are a lot of ways you can play legal blackjack.