What Is A Surrender In Blackjack?

Surrender in blackjack is the option for a player to fold their hand. This process will only penalize the player with half of their original bet. This option is used as a bailout tactic when players feel they are dealt a bad hand. This does not eliminate the bet completely, as players still lose half of the initial bet the wagered. Using surrender is just a way to stop the bleeding a little bit when drawing a bad hand.

When Should I Surrender In Blackjack?

Surrender In BlackjackIt is wise to surrender when the dealer’s exposed card is either a 9, 10 or ace and your current sum is 16. The odds are in the dealer's hand as if you hit you could possibly bust and the dealer may have blackjack. That is the best strategic use of the surrender. It is still entirely up to the player as if the player believes the dealer does not have blackjack or they believe they can hit and get a 5, then, by all means, stay in the game.

When Am I Allowed To Surrender In Blackjack

You are allowed to surrender from the moment you get your cards. Players can early surrender as soon as their cards are dealt, even before the dealer checks for a natural blackjack. The surrender will cause the player to lose half of their original wager but that is better than losing the entire bet. Surrendering is available for players when things seem to be getting tight.

What Are The Benefits of Surrendering?

Surrendering allows players to save some money that they would otherwise lose in around. When a player folds there hand, they only lose half of their bet as opposed to the whole thing. This is a good way to mitigate the losses taken from losing rounds. Players exercise this when playing blackjack surrender because they can ultimately save on their losses. That is the biggest benefit to surrendering in legal blackjack.