When Does The Dealer Have To Stay?

In blackjack, the dealer's hand is not complete until all players have either received blackjack, busted, or stayed. When the cards are dealt at the beginning of the round the dealer will draw 2 cards for themselves and one card will be hidden. After all, players go, the dealer will then reveal the hidden card and will hit until they are at or higher than 17. At which point the dealer will stay. Some tables will or online sites will have the dealer stop in Blackjack at 16, so make sure you read the table's rules.

When Does the Dealer Have To Hit in Blackjack?

Live Dealer Blackjack at BovadaThe dealer does not hit until all players have either busted, stayed or received blackjack. At which point the dealer will reveal the hidden card they dealt themselves at the beginning of the round. The dealer will hit until they have a sum of or higher than 17. These are the dealer's rules for each round of blackjack.

Can The Dealer Split In 21?

No. The dealer never splits in blackjack as that is against the rules. If the dealer hits over 21, or busts, all remaining player hands win the round. If they do no bust, then the players' hands that are higher than the dealer wins and the ones who are lower loses. Dealers never split, double, or surrender as that is against the rules of a dealer in blackjack.

Can Blackjack Dealers Cheat?

It is incredibly difficult for a blackjack dealer to successfully cheat at blackjack but it is not impossible. Legal blackjack is a game of drawing cards at random, so cheating is possible for the dealer. The reason it is difficult is because the cards are shuffled in front of the player and are dealt in front of the player as well. Trusted online gambling sites won’t have cheating dealers as they want to uphold their legitimate reputation, therefore players can confidently play blackjack online knowing they are not being cheated.

Will The Blackjack Dealer Help Me?

Blackjack dealers have no incentive to help players. They are unbiased and play the game based on the draw of the cards. At online casinos, blackjack dealers both live dealers and gaming software come into each round with fairly with no form of hidden agenda. Blackjack dealers will not help give you an advantage, they will simply deal with the cards.

Asking The Dealer What The Book Says

The dealer will not reveal the hidden card before it’s his turn in blackjack. The reason for this is the game is supposed to be based on judgment. You can only see one of the dealer’s cards, making the level of chance increases as you hit or stay. The dealer won’t reveal that information as it will compromise the game but they can answer questions based upon whether you should hit or not. Dealers make money from you tipping them, not the house winning.