When Can I Take Even Money In Blackjack?

With legal blackjack, even money is available when the player has blackjack and the dealer exposed card is an ace. The dealer will sometimes offer the player to take even money. The process is an insurance policy on your bet, making you lose nothing if the dealer also has blackjack but gain little if they do not. It is honestly up to the player if this strategy is worth it or not.

Should I Take The Even Money Payout If I Have Blackjack?

Even Money PayoutThere is no reason to take the even money unless you truly feel the dealer also has blackjack. When you have blackjack natural, as in from your first two dealt cards, and you see the dealer exposed card is an ace, then you have the option to take even money. What this does is give the player the opportunity to immediately double their bet without consequence if the dealer doesn’t have blackjack and also you keep your bet if the dealer does have blackjack.